Cooking with Stainless Steel


Do’s & Dont's

Do preheat your cookware on medium heat

Do generously use oil or butter, allow time for it to warm before cooking

Do use wood or silicone utensils

Do salt your water after it comes to a boil to avoid pitting

Do allow space between food in your pan to encourage even browning

Do allow your pan to come to room temperature before washing

Do hand wash only, dry immediately afterwards

Do use baking powder and water to remove any spots


Don’t use cooking sprays

Don’t use metal utensils

Don’t use in the dishwasher  

Don’t dramatically fluctuate heat

Don’t exceed medium-high heat to avoid spots


Tips for Preventing Sticking

  • Preheat over medium heat
  • Use oil or butter generously
  • Let food rest outside of the refrigerator 10-15 min before cooking
  • Limit excess moisture by patting down food before adding it to the pan